About Zoë

Zoë Tryon is a renowned activist, speaker, and artist known for her work with indigenous communities globally. She is the Founder of One of the Tribe Journeys, a travel company that offers, privately led, immersive experiences with indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon and Andes.  Through One of the Tribe Zoë has led journalists, filmmakers, celebrities to witness places in the world few will ever see.  Zoe also founded the One of the Tribe non-profit to raise awareness for the issues facing indigenous communities and has acted as a cultural liaison between indigenous and Western leaders since 2006 when she first began living with the Achuar Tribe in the Amazon. Since then Zoe has lived and worked with the Achuar, Shuar, Kichwa, Sapara and Waorani peoples across Ecuador.  She has supported education, health and economic capacity building projects, advocated for environmental and constitutional rights, and worked closely with indigenous partners on the largest environmental lawsuit in history.

Zoë speaks worldwide on the interconnected issues of environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility and how we can apply extraordinary wisdom from tribal cultures to our lives today. Zoe is currently completing her memoir, The Jungle Within, as well as a TV series, bringing to screen her own experiences with tribes. She is an ambassador for Amazon Watch, a champion for the Clearwater Campaignand a creative activist for the Creative Visions Foundation.  Her artwork is held in private collections around the world and Zoë is currently based between Wiltshire, England, Ecuador and the US.