One of the Tribe is proud to support the ClearWater project with over $53,000 raised so far

The Amazon rainforest is home to 20% of our planet's freshwater. Yet, in Northeastern Ecuador, the ancestral Amazonian territory of thousands of indigenous people, the rivers, streams, and land have been contaminated by decades of oil operations.

While the indigenous people and farmers fight a heroic lawsuit demanding the clean-up and restoration of their territory, the ClearWater Project seeks to provide immediate relief to the men, women, and children of the Amazon who have been forced to live in a poisoned environment for so long.


The ClearWater Project is a community led initiative born out of the dignity, strength and determination of the Amazon communities.


In early October, 2011, the ClearWater pilot project broke ground in the community of Cofan Dureno with the community-led installation of 52 rainwater catchment systems, benefitting over 300 Cofan people. These systems are relatively easy to install in villages and rural town homes, and if maintained properly, can last up to 50 years. Specially designed filtered catchment units will enable families, health clinics and schools to have clean water.

$50 pays for maintenance workshops and water testing

$250 pays for a full set of tools for one community

$500 purchases materials to build one rainwater unit

$1,200 installs one rain water catchment system for an entire family

$2,000 installs one communal rain water catchment system