Zoë has spoken worldwide about her work. 

Zoe’s speech topics vary and appeal to non-profit organizations, schools, universities, businesses and private events.

For information about Zoe’s talks please contact Zoe.





Zoë speaks with passion and humility in a way that makes the most daunting issues we face as a humanity seem feasibly solvable. 

Bhavani Parpia - founder and President  ConnecTeach


Zoë’s talk about the Amazon was brilliant, she had a room full of  6-7 year olds listening so intently and asking so many questions because they were truly inspired by her and her experiences!

Judith Richards- Head of St Christopher’s School, Brighton, England


Zoë’s was the outstanding speech of the conference, nobody else managed to so capture the audience and make the entire room emotional! Her passion, credibility and pure energy all play a role here of course. I do hope you can speak at our next event?

Tobias Prestel, Prestel and Partner Family Office Forum