My trip with Zoë was truly transformative. I loved every moment and left feeling empowered, strong, with a deeper understanding of the earth, and our role on it. Zoe is a wonderful guide, endless source of information, as well as a amazing inspiration woman.

Kate Fleming- Designer NYC


A life changing journey I will treasure forever, Zoë provides the best way to experience the Amazon - a trip filled with adventure and exquisite beauty.

Beth Doane, CEO, Los Angeles, USA - 2008


Our trip with Zoë was utterly sublime. Every detail of the organisation was so thoughtful considerate and tailor made to out needs - quite a challenge as we were a group of eight people ranging in age from 9-60. For my family it was a truly transformational journey. 

Jo Sawicki, Paul Cayford and sons Daniel and Jesse.- London, UK


I'm a seasoned high-end traveler and have traversed our planet's well and lesser known sites over the last decades, so I was pleasantly surprised to have had such a poignant and awe inspiring trip to Ecuador with Ms. Tryon. The balance of adventure, luxury & personal insight that received on my 9 days with her made for one of my favorite and perhaps my most transformative trips to date. 

Al Husseini. Clean-Tech Venture Capitalist. Brentwood, USA - 2013


Our Ecuador trip with Zoe was really fun. You got to know the indigenous people when you stayed with them – We got to have a dream analysed and got to fly on a small plane. I think Zoë is an amazing tour guide because she tells you about the people and she knows them really well. I want to go again. 

Madison – NYC, USA Aged 8, 2012


Blown away by the breathtaking Andes, purified and amazed by shaman, marvelled at the mighty condor, welcomed and humbled by the incredible indigenous Achuar people, mesmerised by the richness, wonderful wildlife and fragility of the jungle. Thank you Zoë.

Jack, London, England 2013


I had so many experiences that I couldn’t have even dreamed of ..sleeping in the jungle being soothed by the sounds of nature was something I would never have ever thought possible… I am now left yearning to come back and to continue the journey.

Jeanette, London, England 2014